Taking the time

I love building awesome design outcomes for you. I love it so much, I decided to help people just like you achieve the garden you wish.

Working with nature

We don't work against nature, we will work with the natural surroundings and existing plants and landscapes.

Before and during

We want the work to suit your needs so we'll spend the time to discuss the works with you, both at the outset and during the development. We all can change our mind once we start to see the components falling into place, and sometimes a tweak is necessary.


Landscapes don't just appear in a week, then need time to settle in to your surroundings, and during that time we'll maintain the developing structure and plantings.

Recent Work

Arthurs Seat farmlet - merging bush remnants with paths, new plantings and nibbling alpacas!

Timber construction, paving, retaining walls, irrigation, decking, planting and rendering.

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ants on grass

Locals reassert their ownership soon after planting poa, sedge and rush plants.


Clumping (not running) bamboo for an architectural touch and to screen a water tank.

Robber fly

With veggie garden plots around the house it was great to see these robber flys already instrested in taking up residence. Aphids beware!


Another welcome visitor, this lady bird's young will make short work of thrip and other mildew spreading and veggie munching insects.