Our Philosophy

Why do gardens matter so much and mean so much to people? That is the intriguing question suitable for philosophers to seek an answer.

But we're landscapers, and we just know that gardens have been part of ancient and modern, Eastern and Western traditions for a very long time; but it is well worth thinking about.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create gardens that are sustainable wildlife habitat - created to attract and feed birds, bees and butterflies - and for the enjoyment of friends, family, and visitors to educate, enjoy, and to understand we are the earth’s caretakers.

  • Sensitive Design
  • Appropriate choice of plants
  • On-going care and maintainability
  • Built for the enjoyment of the owner

Our Process

Our process is a collaborative approach and is based on the common-sense steps successful gardeners take in everything they do.

  1. Get an idea!
  2. Pick a place
  3. Clear the ground
  4. Improve the soil
  5. Maintain soil structure
  6. Water source (now and on-going)
  7. Pick your plants
  8. Sow or plant
  9. Mulch
  10. Maintain

Good garden design

There are three main parts to a successful design

Site selection - location and planning are paramount
Materials - look to work with as well as enhance a garden's overall character
Plants - establish the right plants in the right ecological conditions

Planting by numbers
Sometimes putting plants in twos can look contrived, but threes, fives and sevens is a good rule of thumb. "I do tend to plant in odd numbers but once you get past about nine, you don't notice it anymore, but I also try to plant in non-grid fashion to give a more natural feel."

Terry Yorke

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